Lose Weight By Walking – A Technique Anyone Can Use

Don't think you can lose weight by walking? Well, walking is becoming more and more popular, and gaining a lot of hype in the Diet & Fitness Industry. We've often been told that the only way to lose inches and strip that fat from our bodies is to run and push ourselves using the most extreme of measures...


Good news is that you CAN lose weight by walking - and you don't have to feel that you need to be a "slave driver" to your body to actually see results.

I find that walking is especially useful for those of you who are looking for ways to get in shape... but just find it hard to get going.

Does this sound familiar?

Let's get you understanding just a few quick things. Walking has a TON of health benefits and honestly, the great thing about this activity is that absolutely anyone can partake in it no matter where they live.

Walking on a regular basis will help you to build muscle which in turn increases your metabolism. Once this happens you burn calories and burn fat off your body. Simple science people!

Did you know that when your metabolism is heightened you burn more calories while in resting state? i.e. sleeping? How's that for motivation!

I know that when I started my journey to get in shape that I would change my diet and lose weight by walking approximately every other day for about 35-45 minutes. I really got used to this routine and once I started seeing the results (and of course feeling so much better) I knew that this would be one exercise routine I would never ever give up.

There has been a lot of research done on how you can lose weight by walking, and whether or not it helps you to lose more weight than say running or lifting weights etc. The thing is that because walking is low-impact and easy on your joints, those who struggle with being overweight find that walking is a much easier form of fitness that they can stick to without having the burden of an achy, sore body like running can have.

I usually recommend that you start off by creating a routine that you can actually stick with. Try this alternating walking plan (Weeks 1 and Weeks 2) and see if it can work for you like it did for me:

Week 1 (*4 walks)

  • Day 1: Walk for 25 minutes
  • Day 2: Walk for 30 minutes (be sure to include inclines i.e. hills)
  • Day 3: Walk for 30 minutes (with inclines)
  • Day 4: Walk for 35 minutes

Week 2 (*5 walks)

  • Day 1: Walk for 35 minutes
  • Day 2: Walk for 40 minutes (with inclines)
  • Day 3: Walk for 40 minutes (with inclines)
  • Day 4: Walk for 45 minutes (with inclines)
  • Day 5: Walk for 45 minutes

With this regime you will lose weight by walking. I can guarantee that you will see and feel the results, and best of all you will ENJOY exercising again!

Source by Sara Reynolds

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