Reach Your Fitness Goals With the Polar F11

The Polar F11 heart rate monitor wrist watch is the number one device in fitness innovation. This is a unique watch that gives out a workout routine that indicates to you the amount, length, and intensity of exercise you need to go through for you to achieve your fitness goals and objectives. This comes with an accurate gauge that will enable you to make the best out of your time during exercise routines. This features an average heart rate on the fly and a whole lot of other functions. With this at hand, you can easily tell what type of workout you are doing and which type would work best for you. This has a display that tells you how much calories you've lost - plus a record of the one's you've gained. This can serve as a motivation for you to work harder towards your goals. This record of calories can be set for daily or weekly exercise goals in terms of expenditure. This specific feature is best appreciated by those who are really serious about losing weight and staying fit.

Another key feature of the Polar F11 watch is the "Keep U Fit" innovation wherein you can place your stats; and go through a fitness exam or a timed measure of your base heart rate. With these you can keep track of how much progress you've made as this tells you how fit you already are. This watch is available in different color and styles namely the Pink Fizz, Blue Glow, Grey Pepper, and many others.

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