Let Other People Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

In a recent article I explained how the simple act of writing down your goals helps motivate you to achieve them. If you find that keeping a fitness journal still isn't enough for you or if you feel your motivation start fading - it might be time to let other people help you reach your fitness goals.

I'd never suggest that you depend solely on another individual. However, I do suggest that you utilize others to better yourself and help you reach your fitness goals if necessary. There are a variety of ways to do this, including...

Telling Others. This is where you simply tell your friends and family about your goals. This is for accountability. If somebody constantly speaks on something that they are not about, people will not hold their words in high regard. Don't be the guy that talks out of his ass. Be the guy that takes action and follows through with his endeavors fitness related or not. Be specific and let them know exactly what you intend to do. There's a good chance they'll ask you about your goals the next time you see them. Simply having several people asking you about your goals will give you the motivation you need to hit the gym and stick to a clean diet.

INSIDER TIP: Avoid people who aren't supportive. For example, you may have a negative friend who has tried to lose weight in the past and failed. This person may act supportive at first but later will hate and encourage you to skip workouts and eat shitty... Stay Solid!

Getting Others to "Witness" a Contract

Instead of just telling your boys(or girls) you can get others to sign a contract as a witness. This is where you list your goals and a deadline for achieving these goals. Sign and date this contract and have your witnesses sign and date it too.

It seems so official - and it really is motivating. Having witnesses (who'll likely check on your progress) will give you a bigger boost than you can imagine. I know it seems a little corny but don't knock it until you try it!

Acquire an Accountability Partner

This is where you have a friend or family member check in with you. At the beginning of the week you can tell your accountability partner your goals for the week in terms of nutrition and work outs. Sometime in the middle of the week your partner will call to see if you're on track.

I'd imagine it would be a bit uncomfortable to have to admit to a friend that your slackin and not on track with your goals. So eat clean and get to the gym!

Find a Workout Partner

Having a workout partner kills two birds with one stone. That's because he can spot you and hold you accountable. Plus, a good workout partner will motivate and push you during your workouts, it might even get a bit competitive at times which means you're that much more likely to give 100% every time you lift. You'll get the results you want!

That's it for this time. I've got more motivation tips to help light a fire under your @$$, so stay tuned!


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