Setting Realistic Workout Goals

What do you want out of your workout? What are your health goals? Why have you decided to start an exercise program? These are all questions you may want to think about as you begin to make changes in your life. Your goals will be different if you are woman trying to fit in a bikini or you are a person trying to reduce your blood pressure. Knowing what you want out of your exercise program will help you set some goals and formulate a plan for exercise.

When I do this I try pick a target (make sure it is attainable). For example, my target could be to participate in 3 hours of cardio a week and 90 minutes of strength training each week. Now, if you do not exercise regularly, you are going to have to select a reasonable starting point. You want to spend 2-4 weeks getting used to your regular schedule of your beginning workout. Once you become more comfortable with your workout, you should increase your cardio time or your reps by ten percent.

If you are unsure how to setup an exercise plan, you may want to meet with a personal trainer. They have forms that list all the exercises you need to do in a week with an amount next to each one. These exercise plans also have larger numbers as the number of weeks you have been working out increases. My gym is full of people carry these forms around as they work a circuit.

There are personal trainers that will come to your home to assist you with your workout. My personal trainer will also design a custom program that you can perform in your home. It is not easy to reach a goal if you do not have a plan. Many of the goals we have are complicated and we need a road map to help us achieve these goals.

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